Michael David de Souza Dutra
Michael David de Souza Dutra, PhD
Brazil France EUA

Michael David de Souza Dutra I obtained a PhD at Polytechnique Montréal in Mathematics for Engineers under the supervision of professors Miguel F. Anjos and Sébastien Le Digabel .

My research interests are optimization and mathematical modeling. I have been working with power system problems in the demand response programs. Demand Response proposes a change in the power consumption of a customer to better match the demand for the power grid. One challenge in this context is: How to coordinate a high number of prosumers, a consumer that has distributed energy resources such as photovoltaic panels, such that the network operate efficiently and that any prosumer or any entity have no financial or comfort losses?

I am a lecturer at the Département de sciences de la décision - HEC, where I teach a course at the undergraduate level whose topic is operational research in management.

My other skills are concerned with the improvement of companies' indicators via optimization, simulation and workflow process reformulation.

I help organizations to perform in the decisional process via mathematical optimization, which provides guaranteed optimal or near-optimal solutions for large-scale mixed-integer optimization problems.

Beyond decision process, I work with the Business Process methodology and software development to structure and to organize task operations focusing on synergy and holism.

I work also in the strategic planning team at Labor Court of Minas Gerais. My tasks are related more specifically with process management, optimizing work processes by automating tasks via software development and standardization of processes.