Michael David de Souza Dutra
Michael David de Souza Dutra, PhD
Brazil France EUA

Michael David de Souza Dutra Curriculum vitæ available on request.

Michael David has dedicated its career to operational research and software development.

He received two bachelors' degrees. The first one in Computer Science from ISIMA – France. The second one in Industrial Engineering from UFMG – Brazil. Michael David received two Masters' degree: one in Models and Decision Support Algorithms from ISIMA and another in Production Models and Algorithms from UFMG. He received a Phd degree in Mathematics for Engineers at Polytechnique Montréal. During his PhD, he was a member of GERAD.

Michael David helped a civil construction company in finding a solution for a real transportation problem. This problem was modelled as a vehicle routing resource allocation with pickup-delivery. The total cost of the company related to the problem improved by 4% with the proposed solution.

Michael David became an entrepreneur in 2006 and ran a barbecue house until 2013, year in which he started to work for the Brazilian Government at the Labor Court of Minas Gerais (Tribunal do Trabalho de Minas Gerais). His job was to optimize the workflow process using business process methodology and software development to assist decisions and save money. He created a wrapper using C++ and API Windows32 to increase team tasks productivity. After the analysis by the TI team, he helped the organization in the modification of the official software to link it with the workflow processes of the institution's core activities. The results were expected to reduce costs by R$ 100,000.00 (BRL) (around 25,000$ USD) per month.